RC Cars and Race Classes
We are extremely lucky here in Hawke's Bay when it comes to radio controlled car racing, with two national event level track facilities and an ever growing friendly membership base. We have a dirt off-road track located at the Hawke's Bay A&P Showgrounds, and a tarmac on-road track located on Sylvan Road in Hastings.
We run a wide range of classes at both facilities, with all nationally recognised classes run in accordance with the 'New Zealand Radio Controlled Car Association' rules and regulations.

NZRCA Rule Books

On-Road Cars
These are designed for tarmac racing with low ground clearance, more aerodynamic bodies, and slick sticky tyres.
The Pan cars (Formula One, Pro 10, and Pro12) are all rear wheel drive and use solid foam tyres. Although the chassis' appear simple, they require careful setting up and maintenance, and are quite tricky to drive. They're not really suitable for beginners.
There are 3 choices for 4WD Touring cars, everything being the same in each class except the Motor and ESC; ranging from mild (Stock) to wild (Mod). These are beautifully engineered, quite expensive, quite complex to build and setup, but easy to drive.

Modern 4WD Touring Car
Modern 4WD Touring Car

1/10th Scale "Touring Cars"

Touring Car Clear Body Awesomatix

Modern 4WD Touring Cars are split into three separate classes, with varying power output, catering not only to different skill levels but also driving styles.

NZRCA 21.5t (Stock Touring) Spec Motor

1/10th Scale "Formula One"

Tamiya F104 21.5t Motor TRF Chassis

These are a 2WD fixed rear axle "pan car" style chassis. While they appear simple, they require careful setting up and maintenance, and are quite tricky to drive.

1/10th Scale "TT02 Spec"

TT02 Skyline Torque Tuned Chassis

The Tamiya TT02 spec kits and parts are affordable and widely available in a number of real GT style bodies and race liveries. While not a national event class, it is an ideal entry level for on-road racing.

HBRC 'TT02 Spec' class Rules

1/10th Scale "Mini" and "M07 Concept"

Mini Clubman Hobywing Combo M07 Chassis

The M07 is the latest itteration of Tamiya's front wheel drive "Mini" chassis. As with the TT02 class, this is a Hawke's Bay club spec class and not yet a national event class. The older M03/05 chassis are a national class, with kit spec "silver can" motor and ESC.

HBRC "M07 Concept" Spec class rules

1/12th Scale "Pro 12"

BMR12 Hobbywing 1S Yokomo YRX12

Pro 12 are also a 2WD fixed rear axle "pan car" style chassis. While they appear simple, they also require careful setting up and maintenance, and are quite tricky to drive. Small, nimble, and super-quick.

1/10th Scale "Pro 10"

Protoform Body 13.5t Motor Xray X10 Chassis

Similar to Formula One and Pro 12, simple 2WD fixed rear axle pan cars, but require a good amount of skill and experience to drive. Fast!!

1/10th Scale "Vintage Trans AM"

Protoform Body 13.5t Motor Xray X10 Chassis

Only run at special events, this class is similar to "Stock Touring", but people are encouraged to use older style chassis' with stock motors to stay in the spirit of the event. There are a wide variety of VTA style bodies available, and this class makes for quite the spectacle on race days.

Off-Road Cars
Designed specifically for dirt racing, with higher ground clearance, long travel suspension, and treaded tyres.
We run both Gas (Nitro engine) and Electric (battery powered) cars at our club days.
There are two Motor Classes for 1/10 buggies: Mod (faster) or Stock (a specified motor); and classes for both 4 and 2 wheel drive cars. 4WD are easier to drive but are more complex to build and maintain.
The 1/8th cars are bigger, heavier, and generally more robust than their 1/10 brothers.

Modern 4WD Buggy
Modern 4WD Off-Road Buggy

1/10th Scale "4WD Buggy"

Associated B64D Orion Stock Motor HB Chassis

4WD Buggies are split into two separate classes, with varying power output, catering to different skill levels and very different driving styles.

1/10th Scale "2WD Buggy"

Xray XB2 17.5t Motor Yokomo YZ2

These are a classic style buggy, also split into two classes (though often run together on club days). They are relatively simple cars, but do require a little more skill to control; especially with faster motors on slippery dirt tracks.

1/10th Scale "Short Course Truck"

Team Losi 10.5t Motor Team Associated

Similar in design to the buggy chassis', but with large chassis mounted bumpers, and realistic off-road racing truck style wheels and bodies.

1/10th Scale "Stadium Truck"

Kyosho RT6 Trinity Motor PR Racing ST1

Based on the 2WD Buggy chassis', but with a much wider stance and larger wheels. Like other off-road classes, these are also split into "Stock" and "Modified" classes.

1/8th Scale 4WD "Buggy"

1/8 Buggy Orion HMX Combo Mugen

Much larger and heavier than the 1/10th cars, with both nitro(gas) and electric classes.

1/8th Scale 4WD "Truggy"

Team Losi Reds Nitro Engine Mugen

A longer, wider stance version of the 1/8th Buggy, with larger wheels and tires. Generally more powerful than the buggies; with larger nitro engines, and higher KV rated brushless motors.

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