M-Chassis "Concept" Rules

Mini Clubman Hobywing Combo M07 Chassis

The following are the proposed M-Chassis (Mini) rules put forward by Hawke's Bay Radio Controlled Car Club as a 2019 NZRCA Remit. The "M-Chassis Concept" demonstration class at the 2019 North Island EP On-Road champs will follow these new proposed rules.


The current M-chassis rules have been in place - largely unchanged - for a couple of decades. Support for the class has dropped significantly in recent years. There are new chassis available - the M07 and now the M08 - with a different spec (ie no electronics, motor or body in the kit).

With this in mind, Hawke's Bay has been running the class at club level with its own updated set of rules for the last 18 months. Essentially, allowing the M07 to race using a spec brushless ESC/Motor – for all cars, not just the M07. Plus, opening up the body rules and returning to 60 diameter tires.

Numbers have climbed from 4 or 5 cars to at least 15, and the fun factor has returned. In many ways this has been a runaway success at our club attracting some of the largest fields.

The racing has been close. A good driver with an M03 or M05 can still win (and often do). However, the M07 is a much nicer car to drive and is keeping newbies happy – something you couldn’t say about any of the previous models. The result is better buy-in; racers are sticking with the class as opposed to buying an M03/M05, hating it’s driving characteristics and leaving the class.

The Brushless system has also leveled the playing field. Bench testing shows the tolerances of the system are much closer than the old silvercan. There is virtually no difference in several units that were tested. The racing has confirmed this. Important to note: The brushless system is no faster (or slower) than a good silvercan, so that aspect hasn’t changed.

The Hobbywing system we are using has been adopted by other clubs, so a large number of racers are already using it. It’s well priced, readily available from several sources and has proven to be robust. We have no reports of faulty units. Being a popular spec system in Asia, the factory tells us they will be manufactured to the same spec for some time. Plus – the M07 comes without a Motor/ESC – meaning you have to buy something. It wouldn’t make sense to continue buying a silvercan system. The technology is out of date. It did make perfect sense to use what was in the box when it came with the kit. But it doesn’t appear that Tamiya are going to release the M07 (or M08) with a Motor/ESC and body.

There are a couple of hop-up options included in our remit. This is intended to allow all M-Chassis cars reach a similar spec, regardless of age or model.

We realise this is a significant leap from previous rules but after 18 months of trialling – it’s certainly worked at our club. Perhaps rather than drip-feed these changes over several years it’s time to bite the bullet and move on.

Also of Note: We didn’t put forward this remit at last year’s AGM, even though at that point we had been running to this revised set of rules for some time. This has allowed plenty of time to iron out any issues (in fact there have been none) and for other clubs to either trial it or come and race at HBRC to see for themselves. We regularly attract out-of-town drivers and they appear to be as happy & supportive of the change as much as HB locals. During this time, we have made a hard copy flier freely available and the same info can be found on our website. The trial has not been done in secret.

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